Hot Spot 4 On 6th June 2013, inCASA will be represented by In-JeT at The Danish Welfare Technology Exhibition and Conference. In-JeT will have an exhibition stand demonstrating the project’s technical solution and results. Specifically, the transferability capabilities of inCASA will be demonstrated using the results from the municipality of Skive who is currently testing the inCASA solution. The demonstration will include the touch screen and some of the devices used by chronic elderly patients in Skive and visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to try the devices themselves. In addition to the exhibition, representatives from Skive municipality will, in cooperation with In-JeT, give a presentation at the conference about their experiences with using the inCASA solution.
The annual conference is aimed at Danish municipal and regional healthcare and social care staff working with telemedicine. The Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Margrethe Vestager, and former Health Minister, Arne Rolighed, are among the many prominent speakers at the conference. The programme can be downloaded here (in Danish).

Hot Spot 3
The Italian national Exploitation Event was organized in the framework of the eHealth conference that was held on the 28th of May 2013 in Rome. REPLY, INVENT and ATC sponsored the event all day, by placing an inCASA stand. The Conference was sponsored mainly by:
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Economic Development
  • SIRM: an Italian association on Medical Radiology
  • AICC: an Italian association on Clinical Engineering
    Moreover, a specific inCASA workshop was organized within the event demonstrating the inCASA approach, the technical solution, the services and evidence of the inCASA results, presented by involved inCASA Pilot professionals.
    The full agenda of the inCASA session in the eHealth Forum is available online

    Hot Spot 2
    INSERM, along with TID and REPLY, submitted an abstract paper for the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The paper was accepted and inCASA project was presented at a very important event in the healthcare domain on 2nd of June 2012 at Chicago. The inCASA poster can be found here.
    The submitted work is focused on the French pilot study and is entitled 'The European inCASA telecare-telehealth electronic platform for the daily assessment of symptoms, weight and activity in cancer patients on chronotherapy at home.'
    Additional information regarding the INSERM pilot site activities can be viewed at

    Hot Spot 1
    First pilot in planning: The first inCASA pilot is being planned with the partner Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia di Torino. ATC Torino is the public body with responsibility for social and public housing in the area of Torino and its surroundings. The Pilot will focus on user behaviour, providing an useful profile to search and determine behaviour that could lead to health problems.

  • Affiliations
    inCASA is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

    The inCASA project supports the Commissions activities in ICT for Health: eHealth.

    The inCASA platform allows for the creation of inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

    The inCASA project supports the Ageing Well Thematic Network which aims at creating a Community of Actors interested in improving the life of Elderly People by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well!

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    The inCASA consortium consists of 13 organisations from eight different countries representing a wide taste of Europe in terms of population, culture and economic power. The consortium unifies a number of technology groups that have a world leading position in their respective fields.

    Santer Reply is a company focus on healthcare, nutrition and local public administration sectors, operating as a system integrator that provides IT services and solutions able to fulfil the increasing information and access needs of the citizens. It also excels in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) tools and services with a competence group established by the acquisition of the Motorola Competence Centre of Turin in February 2009. Santer Reply is a subsidiary of Reply S.p.a, a leading Consulting, Systems Integration, Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing company, specialized in the creation and implementation of solutions based on new communication networks and digital media. Reply was founded in 1996 and closed 2008 with consolidated sales of 330.2 million Euro, and about 2700 employees.


    logo The Chorleywood Health Centre was established in the 1920s and has been serving the community in Chorleywood and its surrounding villages in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire ever since. The purpose-built surgery was opened in 1997 and provides comprehensive general medical services including treatment and prevention of illness, health promotion and screening services. We are active in medical and nursing research, training and education. The practice works within the National Health Service and is a member of the Watford and Three Rivers Primary Care Trust who manage the provision of general practice in the area. .

    logo CNet Svenska AB is a leading-edge software house specialising in semantic-based knowledge and content systems. We are developing systems to acquire, organise, personalise and share the knowledge embedded in web, databases and multimedia content. Our technologies achieve semantic interoperability between heterogeneous information sources and services, and allow our customers to maximise automation of the knowledge life cycle. The core in our offering is Visual Net Server, a semantic annotation server. It is used to capture knowledge from raw information and multimedia content in webs and other distributed repositories to turn poorly structured information into machine-processable knowledge.

    logo In-JeT ApS has been engaged as concept and technology developer in Pervasive Computing since 1998 and has extensive knowledge about wireless technologies, networks, Semantic Web Services, ontologies, and Knowledge Management. Since 2000, In-JeT has specifically been working with eBusiness and eHealth services in heterogeneous networks. In-JeT has increasingly been incorporating socio-economic and cross-disciplinary research tasks in technology development and is working with sociologists and anthropologists to define boundary conditions and analyse and integrate ecosystems in technology development. We have also pioneered methodological techniques such as scenario thinking for deriving comprehensive user requirements.

    logo National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) has a long standing experience in the regulation of tolerability and efficacy of cancer treatments by the circadian timing system, ranging from rodents to patients. It has conceived and implemented chronomodulated treatment delivery to take advantage of the control mechanisms through which the circadian clock modulates normal tissue physiology and tumour growth. The present research work focuses on the control of normal and malignant cellular proliferation by the circadian clock as a determinant of cancer treatment success. The interactions between circadian physiology, molecular clocks and cell cycle and apoptosis processes have emerged as crucial in the further improvement of human diseases. We further address the relevance of circadian clock mechanisms in the efficiency of compensatory cell proliferation. A close cooperation with the 5 academic teams and one SME in this consortium over the past 5 years has led to this STREP proposal for uncovering the mechanisms of the tight interactions between circadian clock, cell division and drug pharmacology as a new paradigm for cancer and many other human diseases.

    logo INVENT SAS is a seed-capital Company, based in Paris and set up in 2001, it is specialised in innovation consulting, business administration, development and financing of high-tech projects and start-ups creation. Since January 2006 Invent opened a new branch in Italy whose ole is to contribute in international project aiming at new and innovative firms’ creation. INVENT supports development projects of high-tech companies thanks to its experience in technology transfer activity e availability of financial resources, providing funds both public and private and ensuring a consolidated and focused strategy and a qualified expertise to improve and exploit research results and enhance the introduction of new technologies. Its core business consists in two main activities: Development and exploitation - INVENT gives its contribution to the growth and promotion of innovation and new technologies market creating business and employment. Venture Capital investments - Through its strong investment capabilities and solid/reliable shareholders

    logo The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is well known in Greece and abroad for the research achievements of its faculty members and the good reputation of its students and alumni. NTUA is divided into nine academic Schools, eight being for the engineering sciences, including architecture, and one for the general sciences. The Intelligent Communications and Broadband Networks (ICBNet) Laboratory is a lab of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. ICBNet draws on a pool of expert personnel including faculty, researchers and students. The lab carries out research and development activities in all areas of telecommunication and computer systems, services and applications. ICBNet actively contributes to international forums and standardization bodies, including Parlay, IETF, ITU-T and ETSI. ICBNet is a member of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) and the e-Mobility platform. It has co-operated successfully with leading industrial, research and academic institutions throughout Europe.

    logo Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia (KGHNI) is a Hospital with more than 500 employees (doctors, nurses, physicians and administrative personnel). It offers almost all medical specialities. Surgery department is fully equipped and has participated in numerous National and European medical research projects. During the last years Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia has been carrying out extensive research in improving frail elderly people\'s quality of life, exploiting the technological advances.

    logo Steinbeis Innovation Center Embedded Design and Networking (stzedn) at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach, Germany is a R&D partner in the field of embedded networking. It is part of the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, the research branch of the Steinbeis Foundation for Technology Transfer, which operates more than 700 R&D and consulting centers in Baden-Württemberg with subsidies in other parts of Germany and the world. The system and software development expertise is a profound basis for ubiquitous and distributed computing applications. Since its foundation in 2002, more than 100 R&D projects with academic and application background were processed at stzedn.

    logo Telefónica, S.A. is the world’s leading telecom operator in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries (193+ million customers). Telefónica I+D (TID) is the R&D arm of Telefónica S.A. It employs over 1200 persons and is the most important private company in Spain devoted to R&D. TID has facilities in Madrid, Valladolid, Barcelona, Huesca and Granada (Spain) and a subsidiary company in Sao Paulo (Telefónica Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento do Brasil) and in Mexico. TID focuses on the creation of services, the management of networks, services and businesses, with particular attention to technological innovation of a strategic nature or non-existent in the market. TID was created in 1988 to identify factors shaping the future of telecommunications and the development of Telefónica\'s businesses through R&D. Its mission is to improve Telefónica\'s competitiveness through technological innovation, broadening the range and quality of services on offer and making it possible to reduce operating costs.

    logo The Department of Information Systems and Computing at Brunel University is one of the largest departments of its type in the UK and members of the Department were awarded a rating of \'5\' in the last Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). The department is particularly known for three key areas underlying this vision: advanced information technology, interaction between human and computer, and information systems. There is a critical mass within each area that makes significant progress on its own, and importantly, the synergy and interaction between the three areas have enabled fundamentally challenging issues across traditional boundaries to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way.

    logo Fundación Hospital de Calahorra (FHC) is a non-profit-making organization. It operates within the national healthcare system, in particular providing assistance to frail people. It is involved in disease prevention and rehabilitation. FHC participates in programs of promotion and protection of healthcare, training, as well as research projects. Many papers in the biomedicine field have been published in international journals by members of FHC. Many collaborate with the hospital that has been classified as one of the best Spanish hospitals in the Respiratory and Nervous system areas. FHC is very interested in e-health and has developed several actions to promote this area. Currently the hospital has 400 employees.

    logo Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia di Torino (ATC Torino) is the public body with responsibility for social and public housing in the area of Torino and its surroundings. ATC\'s mission is to supply low-cost housing to underprivileged citizens, to manage its own real estate and that entrusted to them by other public bodies. Furthermore, ATC undertakes the refurbishing and conservation of public housing and provides related services. ATC Torino in general supplies and manages public and private real estate; proposes and outlines programmes and strategies for urban and territorial planning; and supplies and manages networks and services for relatives.
    Its renovation activities are financed in various ways: government; Regione Piemonte and other institutes; self-financed; participation in consortiums; and mixed capital companies for the development, implementation and management of integrated building and urban planning programmes. ATC Torino was established in 1907, by the Torino City Council. The company is now under the Regional Law number 11 that provides that the Agency reports to the Regione Piemonte, with specific duties within each province for organisation, administration and finance of its properties. Its duties and functions are established by law.

      Organizations involved
    Santer Reply Fundación Hospital de Calahorra Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia 
          di Torino Brunel University The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens Steinbeis Innovation Center Embedded Design and 
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