Hot Spot 4 On 6th June 2013, inCASA will be represented by In-JeT at The Danish Welfare Technology Exhibition and Conference. In-JeT will have an exhibition stand demonstrating the project’s technical solution and results. Specifically, the transferability capabilities of inCASA will be demonstrated using the results from the municipality of Skive who is currently testing the inCASA solution. The demonstration will include the touch screen and some of the devices used by chronic elderly patients in Skive and visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to try the devices themselves. In addition to the exhibition, representatives from Skive municipality will, in cooperation with In-JeT, give a presentation at the conference about their experiences with using the inCASA solution.
The annual conference is aimed at Danish municipal and regional healthcare and social care staff working with telemedicine. The Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Margrethe Vestager, and former Health Minister, Arne Rolighed, are among the many prominent speakers at the conference. The programme can be downloaded here (in Danish).

Hot Spot 3
The Italian national Exploitation Event was organized in the framework of the eHealth conference that was held on the 28th of May 2013 in Rome. REPLY, INVENT and ATC sponsored the event all day, by placing an inCASA stand. The Conference was sponsored mainly by:
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Economic Development
  • SIRM: an Italian association on Medical Radiology
  • AICC: an Italian association on Clinical Engineering
    Moreover, a specific inCASA workshop was organized within the event demonstrating the inCASA approach, the technical solution, the services and evidence of the inCASA results, presented by involved inCASA Pilot professionals.
    The full agenda of the inCASA session in the eHealth Forum is available online

    Hot Spot 2
    INSERM, along with TID and REPLY, submitted an abstract paper for the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The paper was accepted and inCASA project was presented at a very important event in the healthcare domain on 2nd of June 2012 at Chicago. The inCASA poster can be found here.
    The submitted work is focused on the French pilot study and is entitled 'The European inCASA telecare-telehealth electronic platform for the daily assessment of symptoms, weight and activity in cancer patients on chronotherapy at home.'
    Additional information regarding the INSERM pilot site activities can be viewed at

    Hot Spot 1
    First pilot in planning: The first inCASA pilot is being planned with the partner Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia di Torino. ATC Torino is the public body with responsibility for social and public housing in the area of Torino and its surroundings. The Pilot will focus on user behaviour, providing an useful profile to search and determine behaviour that could lead to health problems.

  • Affiliations
    inCASA is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

    The inCASA project supports the Commissions activities in ICT for Health: eHealth.

    The inCASA platform allows for the creation of inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

    The inCASA project supports the Ageing Well Thematic Network which aims at creating a Community of Actors interested in improving the life of Elderly People by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well!

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    The inCASA project was a 39-months project funded by the European Commission with the aim to create and demonstrate citizen-centric technologies and a services network that can help and protect frail elderly people and prolong the time they can live well in their own homes. The goal was achieved by a series of pilots across Europe that integrate solutions and services for health and environment monitoring in order to profile user behaviour. Data was made available to professional care service providers including privacy protection; day-by-day activity planning; co-ordination of Public Social and Health Care Services; and deployment of specialist community based services.

    The project ended sucessfully on 30 June 2013 and has since been selected as one of the Top 25 influential ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing projects. Click here for more information and to download the report.

    inCASA for...         


    The inCASA project has succesfully ended

    The inCASA project has now come to a successful ending. The results have been widely circulated and we are pleased, that every pilot achieved good results. Moreover, a very successful transfer of the prototype inCASA platform was performed in the Municipality of Skive. The platform was up and running in a matter of four weeks, and both patients and professional carers were very pleased with the outcome.

    The inCASA consortium thanks all those that have contributed to the successful outcome. We also wish to thank the European Commission for support and inspiration during the project.

    The final review meeting was held in Bruxelles on 27 August 2013

    This website will be made public until the end of 2015. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    The inCASA Consortium

    inCASA has been selected as one of the Top 25 influential ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing projects

    inCASA has been selected as one of the 25 most promising projects in terms of impact and with regards to the European Commission’s Triple Win Strategy (improved quality of life, increased efficiency of health and long-term care, market growth and expansion of the EU industry). inCASA is quoted as "having created and demonstrated technologies and a services network that help protect frail elderly people and prolong the time they can live well in their own homes."

    The new European Commission study analyses the impact on society of EU-funded Research and Innovation in technology for active and healthy ageing. The study investigates which of projects have had the most influence in Europe over the last 11 years.

    Click here for more information and to download the report.

    inCASA reference in the EURHONET monthly newsletter

    EURHONET is a network of European housing companies in both social and public housing. inCASA partner ATC Torino is a member of the EURHONET network. A short presentation of inCASA was made available in the May News Flash 2013 and can be downloaded here

    UK inCASA national exploitation event

    uk event
    The UK national exploitation event was organized by CHC and Brunel University on Tuesday 29th March in Birmingham.
    The event was undertaken within a Public Service Event: “Co-ordinated Care: Meeting the Needs of Patients, Driving Better Integration”.
    The event was chosen as a place to present the inCASA project as it was specifically focused on showcasing real life examples, initiatives and best practice case studies in order for delegates to explore how to turn the integration rhetoric into a reality.

    Greek inCASA national exploitation event

    greek event
    The Greek national exploitation event, entitled “e-Health Services: The inCASA project” was co-organized by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia (KGHNI) at the KGHNI premises on the 8th of February, 2013 under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Health and the 1st Regional Health Authority of Attiki.

    Participators included Municipal (local) authorities, Health Care Authorities, SMEs providing services in the Health sector, Professors, Doctors, ICT researchers, Social workers, Psychologists and the project coordinator Massimo Caprino.

    A total number of 163 persons were registered to the event which finally had a great impact on the audience, on the hospital, on the local society and on the involved authorities.

    The inCASA solution is being tested in Skive Municipality, Denmark

    The inCASA solution integrating telecare and telehealth services will be installed and tested in the Danish municipality, Skive. The test will run for four months from mid-February until mid-June and will involve a total of 20 elderly patients suffering from either COPD or Diabetes.

    The main objective is to test the transferability capabilities of the technical platform and services already developed for the inCASA pilots. A number of completely new devices and services will be installed in Skive which will allow the project team to really test and evaluate how easily transferable the inCASA solution is. The new devices and services include:
    - A smoke detector to monitor when a user is smoking which will be used to analyse the indoor air quality
    - A window sensor to monitor if users open windows when smoking in order to increase the indoor air quality
    - A blood glucose device to measure and monitor daily blood glucose levels
    - A pedometer to measure daily activity level

    In addition to these new devices and services, weight and oxygen saturation (SpO2) will also be measured and finally a video conferencing system between users and a Contact Centre will be set up.

    A flyer in Danish is available here.

    INVENT invites you to an online public consultation

    The VALUE AGEING project (Incorporating European Fundamental Values into ICT for Ageing: A vital political, ethical, technological, and industrial challenge) is currently closing its fact-finding period, investigating various aspects of ICT for ageing .

    VALUE AGEING pursuits the purpose of educating a new generation of researchers in the field of ICT for ageing, by considering ethical aspects, human right, societal needs within emerging ICT solutions for ageing, close to the inCASA purpose.

    inCASA publication at the French newspaper "Le Figaro"

    An article on the inCASA French pilot progress and perspective was published in the French widely known national newspaper “Le Figaro” on February 23th, written by Francis Levi, INSERM pilot coordinator and director of the INSERM’s unit «Rythmes biologiques et cancers». In this article, it is explained the idea of domomedicine and how inCASA platform has already achieved to make more efficient the remote monitoring of INSERM patients suffering from cancer

    Read more at the Downloads section.

    inCASA presentation at the SMART City Exhibition 2012

    Massimo Caprino, the project coordinator, presented inCASA in the framework of SMART City Exhibition, held at Fiera di Bologna, Italy on 30 October 2012.
    The SMART City exhibition proposes a new vision of city characterised by: information flows, physical and digital relationships and communications networks, capability to create social capital, wellness for people and a better quality of life.

    inCASA paper presented at the TeleMediCare 2012 conference

    A paper describing the inCASA project in terms of objectives, architecture (functional, physical and software), interoperability between its main blocks and results achieved has been submitted and accepted for presentation in the TeleMediCare 2012 conference.
    The paper, written by Santer Reply partner, is entitled "inCASA project - Smart telemonitoring" and was presented in the Desio Hospital, where the conference was organised.

    inCASA participation at a workshop organized by NET-EUCEN network

    INVENT attended a workshop organized by the NET-EUCEN network, which is an EC co-funded project under the CIP framework. The workshop is part of the NET-EUCEN Validation Campaign meant to complete and assess the results achieved in the project, and in particular the good quality of the developed user-centricity indicators.

    The present workshop has focused on the eHealth sector and it has been an opportunity to disseminate the inCASA project results (with a particular focus on the user involvement during the project development and user-centricity of the deployed services) and share opinions and experiences with other EC co-funded projects, such as: Home Sweet Home (ICT-PSP project), AgeingWell (ICT-PSP project), Care at Home (AAL project), ValueAgeing (Marie Curie action), CUPID (FP7 ICT project) and Stroke Back (FP7 ICT project).
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    Santer Reply Fundación Hospital de Calahorra Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia 
          di Torino Brunel University The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens Steinbeis Innovation Center Embedded Design and 
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