Prior to pilot deployment WORKSHOP General assembly
Posted by on 11 May 2011 00:00
The inCASA project conducted a succesful General Assebly Meeting in Rome, Italy on the 11th and 12th April 2011.
The meeting was held at the premises of INVENT, at Tecnopolo Tiburtino
It targeted various administrative issues as well as an extended discussion and planning on the Pre-Pilot Phase start.

The main outcome of the meeting was that the pre-pilot phase was extended to 4 pilots in total (English, French, Italian and Greek pilot) to improve the quality of the testing phase of the project.
Extended News
The meeting was held in Rome with at least one representative per partner.

In more detail, the agenda of the first day of the meeting included the following presentations:

During the second day, the consortium discussed on the following issues under the lead of the Project Coordinator

The meeting ended with the inCASA Activity Reports presentation and the guidelines concerning Financial Statements submission by INVENT.