inCASA for Service Providers
Posted by Admin1 on 29 November 2010 16:58

One of the clearest objectives related to integration inside inCASA solution is the approach for a measurable service provision combined to institutional efficiencies, users' quality of life and cares activities. Starting from an easy and open access to inCASA platform, exploiting pre-existing one-to-one contact on both social care and healthcare topics in order to build a shared service delivery business model, will allow to external Service Providers to enter in the inCASA project, developing their own business purposes without losing a holistic vision of the people involved.

Service Providers, typically SME organizations, will focus on specific telecare or telehealth services (ex: a specific context alarm or a specific pathology), will act in an integrated way with “basic inCASA services common set”, providing services through the sensors and devices infrastructure placed in elderly people’s homes, still connected to the Local Service Provider, via wired or wireless broadband communications.



In such organizational model, operators take the opportunity to active a specific role in Service Model Delivery, exploiting pre - existing investments on infrastructure, according to the rules of a “public/private partnership”. Service providers will exploit the inCASA platform on the basis of a pay-per-use business model, increasing the number of services available, without taking care of infrastructure and commercial issues.



At the same time the effectiveness of the overall solution will benefit from the general overview of the habits/health profile coming from the Smart Personnel Platform features, enabling Value Added Services that usually lack in the telemedicine context.



Final goal will consist in promoting the development of multi-disciplinary goal setting and integrated care plans, improving multidisciplinary team working and permitting better monitoring of standards of service delivery across the different organizations involved in the service delivery model.

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