Project objectives
Posted by Admin on 09 August 2010 18:14
Ageing population is one of the most important challenges faced by governments at local, regional, national and European levels. Demographic trends in Europe indicate that people age 65 or older already make up nearly one-fifth of the population in many European countries, and that the share is rising. Low or falling birth rates and improved health and medical care that enable people to live longer are the main drives. Social services are limited with the support resources offered to the aging population. inCASA proposed solution is willing to improve quality life of elderly people and provide real impact. Elderly people will then really use services as help living day-by-day, increasing self-confidence (or preventing his loss) and independence.

In details, inCASA aims at developing a system that will support the aging population and facilitate them to stay well at their own homes, by mean of these specific objectives:

The project objectives shall be reached by realising and testing on specific pilots efficient integrated care systems combining innovative technological platforms for ubiquitous communication, most advanced sensing components useful in the healthcare domain and state of the art domotic systems.

Briefly, inCASA project has one mission: helping elderly people to handle ageing, by using an age calibrated integrated solution, enrolling ICT and Social and Health care resources.